Biblical Keys To Life was founded by tours truly Pastor Joseph L Smith & my brother Antonio Smith. As we seach for the true about God and salvation, we came together with the desire to learn about the truth thru the word of God. That is why we use the Biblical Kesy To Life Is Our Foundation For Living, not only in this presnt life, but looking forward to everlastingl life as stated in John 3:16 in the Word of God.

With a desire to share the gospel (good news) in the bible we decided to go on a mission to reach the world with that wonderful message.
In these last and eveil days that we now live where their is trouble it seems all over the world, (2 Timothy 3:1-5) we feel the important of sharing the good news that our Lord and Savior Jesu Christ came to this earth over 2,ooo years ago to let us know thata better day is comming for all beleivers in him.
For he shed his blood on the cross to cover our sins so we could have life enternal.

We pray that Biblical Kesy To Life will reach the hearts of those who have not come to the reality of the gospel and have the desire to study God;s word for the truth as we do daily. Hoping that someone will cry out what must I do to have a relationship God Almighty thru Jesus Christ his only begotten son.
Also we hope to encourage those who are already connected The great Alminghy God, the creator of all things.